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Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food is part of a family farm business based in the Ivel Valley, Bedfordshire.  The founders, Nick and James Parrish are passionate about bringing beautiful birds to your garden and have spent 5 years developing a unique range of products to help you attract more garden birds to your garden.

At Ivel Valley we have set out to make products that really work and as well to have proper nutritious ingredients.  This is where we came up with the principle of our Ready Peck products which are about having 5 key ingredients – nuts, suet, oats, seed and fruit or insects.  This ensures a mixture of the essential nutritious ingredients for a bird’s well being and survival.  As well these ingredients are those most readily enjoyed by the many species of birds that may visit your garden.

The Ready Peck mixes and suet treats are also about minimising waste.  With the right combination and proportions of seed you will notice that very few seeds are likely to be wasted and our Ready Peck range has no more than 10% of very small seeds, which some birds are less inclined to take.

Making our own suet products is unique to us and we feel that the Ready Peck range is the ultimate in attracting and feeding wild birds.  Birds typically want to be in and out of a feeding station as quickly as possible, wary of being exposed to predators.  This is why we see it as critical to put out food mixes that they will eat, that are nutritious and that they do not have to sift through and potentially waste.  A bird has a limited time on the feeder and it makes sense that they maximise the opportunity with high quality nutritious food.  This is particularly relevant in cold weather where their survival is under such pressure.



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